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Proven CIRCLE Program Expands Into Harbor Area

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LOS ANGELES – Mayor Karen Bass and Councilmember Tim McOsker today announced that the Crisis and Incident Response through Community-led Engagement (CIRCLE) program is expanding service into parts of Council District 15, including Harbor Gateway, Harbor City, Wilmington and San Pedro, in order to help respond to calls involving unhoused individuals, including loitering, well-being checks, noise disturbances, substance abuse issues, and indecent exposure. The expansion will launch 24/7 service February 1. 

CIRCLE is a 24/7 proven unarmed response program that deploys a team of mental health professionals and individuals with lived experience to address non-violent LAPD calls related to unhoused individuals experiencing crisis. Through this public health approach, the City is able to improve community safety and outcomes for Angelenos in need of social services and support.

The program right now operates in Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, Venice, and the San Fernando Valley. In the last fiscal year, CIRCLE expanded its original service areas, responding to 8,763 calls for service with an average response time of less than 26 minutes, and launched four additional service areas. The public can access CIRCLE through the non-emergency line at 1-877-275-5273 or 877-ASK- LAPD. Select the “non-emergency dispatch” option.

“CIRCLE is a proven program to help Angelenos and I am excited that it will be expanding into the Harbor Area,” said Mayor Karen Bass. “We hear the calls of residents and businesses all across the city and now with the expansion of CIRCLE, there will be more options and strategies available to respond to calls about unhoused residents or residents needing care through effective community-based non-punitive safety strategies.” 

“I am encouraged that we are investing in unarmed responses that work for our residents - housed and unhoused - in our city,” said Councilmember Tim McOsker. “In partnership with Mayor Bass, we’re expanding the CIRCLE program from Harbor Gateway South down through the Harbor area to provide mental health professionals and individuals with lived experiences to help those who need our support. With the expansion of this pilot program, we can deliver to Angelenos the effective response services they need.”

The Mayor’s CIRCLE program operates within the Mayor’s Office of Community Safety. After Mayor Bass was elected, she created the Mayor’s Office of Community Safety to prevent crime and violence through community-based strategies that impact the social and economic conditions that drive community harm. The Office supports non-punitive safety strategies, including civilian first responders, violence interruption, re-entry services, youth diversion programs, and capacity-building programs for non-profit organizations that address community safety. Through these measures, the Office works in partnership with the community to positively impact the lives of the people we serve to keep communities safe. To access the CIRCLE program, please call the non-emergency police line at (877) 275-5273.  Read more about the CIRCLE program here