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10 freeway reopening

Bass, Harris, Newsom Announce 10 Freeway Safe To Reopen Before Monday Rush Hour Thanks To Urgent Action and Collaboration

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LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, Vice President Kamala Harris and California Gavin Newsom today announced the I-10 freeway would reopen before Monday morning rush hour traffic due to urgent action and collaboration taken over the past week. Photos from this morning’s press conference will be uploaded here.    

“The 10 will be safe to drive on weeks ahead of schedule because of urgent action and collaboration at all levels of government. When we work together, nothing can stop Los Angeles,” said Mayor Karen Bass. “Right when this happened, I heard from our state and federal partners that they would let nothing stand in our way. The White House and the Governor’s Office not only lived up to that promise, they helped us exceed all expectations. Today is proof of locking arms delivering real results for the people of this city.”

“The work that happened here is extraordinary. It was possible with the will and ambition of the workers on the ground, and their commitment as public servants and as union members to get this done and deliver for the people of Los Angeles,” said Vice President Kamala Harris. “This is the kind of work that is happening around the country - where hard working men and women, carpenters, laborers and government workers, are rebuilding America’s infrastructure. Thank you to those workers for your commitment to the country.”

“What began as months has turned into days — before Angelenos hit the road on Monday, we're opening the 10 back up,” said Governor Gavin Newsom. “Thanks to the tireless work of Caltrans and union construction crews and with help from our partners — from the Mayor's office to the White House — the 10's expedited repair is proof and a point of pride that here in California, we deliver.”

Ensuring a Safe Reopening

The reopening of the I-10 freeway follows extensive tests conducted by Caltrans to ensure the safety of Angelenos driving across it. The concrete and temporary supports have undergone testing to ensure that the bridge can bear weight safely while construction continues. Tests include:

  • Core sample tests of the concrete for strength certified by an independent testing lab. The results met or exceeded national standards. 

  • Steel rebar tests to make sure safety requirements are certified by an independent testing lab. The results met or exceeded national standards. 

  • Chemical tests of the concrete columns to check for any long-term deterioration. The results showed the 10 was safe for drivers. 

In addition to repairing the columns, engineers will fortify the bridge with additional steel reinforcements to make it stronger than it was before the fire last week.

Alleviating Traffic

Mayor Bass has taken urgent action to alleviate traffic for Angelenos while the 10 has been closed. The Mayor incentivized alternative modes of transportation in many different ways including making CommuterExpress buses free of charge and directing the Los Angeles City Department of Transportation to assist Metro in making trains along the routes of the freeway closures go faster. The Mayor also took dramatic steps to ensure Angelenos were informed about closures and able to plan ahead, including by sending a Wireless Emergency Alert and hosting daily 6:00 AM traffic briefings from the Department of Transportation's Traffic Control Center. These important briefings provided Angelenos with up-to-date information about detours and closures to expect due to the damage to the I-10 freeway. The Mayor’s office will provide another briefing at 6:00 AM on Monday to highlight updated traffic guidance for Angelenos as some street closures may remain in effect.

Supporting Impacted Businesses 

On Friday, Mayor Bass stood alongside Downtown business owners and leaders and announced that the following support and resources are being made available for businesses impacted by the 10 closure: 

  • Under the Mayor’s direction, the Economic Workforce and Development Department launched a micro-enterprise grant program. Applications are open until midnight on December 10. 

  • The City’s Business Source Centers are assessing and surveying businesses in the immediately impacted area to provide resources and support.

  • Mayor Bass directed the establishment of a proactive Local Business Assistance Resource Center that will open in the nearby area to serve as a one-stop shop for resources and support to businesses impacted by the I-10 freeway. View flyers for more information in English here, in Korean here and in Spanish here.

Mayor Bass also met with business leaders from the Downtown and Boyle Heights areas to share updates regarding recent resources and services available in response to the I-10 freeway closure and discuss opportunities for future support and further collaboration.