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Wireless Emergency Alert Sent Ahead of Significant I-10 Freeway Closures

LOS ANGELES -- Continuing efforts to keep Angelenos informed regarding the continuing closure of the I-10 freeway, the Emergency Management Department issued a city-wide wireless emergency alert directing Angelenos to

Angelenos received the wireless emergency alert tonight and are urged to stay informed at The cause of the fire is currently being investigated. On the day of the fire, Mayor Bass activated the Emergency Operations Center as the city rapidly worked to respond to this damage. Angelenos should visit for information about closures, alternative routes and public transportation on L.A. Metro. The Mayor has directed all city departments to urgently respond to the closure by:

  • Ensuring that there is a plan for Angelenos who commute or live by this incident 

  • Working to get the 10 Freeway up and running again as fast as possible

  • Providing as much information as possible to ensure that our communities and commuters are well informed every step of the way

The Mayor is in touch with the White House and the Governor’s Office to ensure that there are no barriers to rebuilding. Many hundreds of thousands of people will be impacted by this closure, which is why the Mayor is treating this issue with such urgency. During the 1994 Northridge earthquake, CalTrans worked around the clock to complete emergency repairs to the freeways, and this structural damage calls for the same level of urgency and effort.

The next update will be provided for press on Monday, November 13th at 6:00 AM in Downtown Los Angeles. Members of the media can RSVP by emailing