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What They’re Saying: Los Angeles Climate Leaders React to Mayor Bass’ Proposed Budget As She Continues To Build A Greener Los Angeles

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LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass released her proposed budget today to continue her work to move Los Angeles forward. The budget lays out investments to continue urgently housing Angelenos and work to make Los Angeles safer and more livable for all. This year's process has uncovered a clear need for a reset of the City’s budgeting process – one that is honest, transparent and squarely focused on serving Angelenos. Watch this morning’s press conference here and read the budget summary released today here.  

Los Angeles climate leaders acknowledged and applauded Mayor Bass following the release of her proposed FY 24 - 25 budget: 

Joe Lyou, President and CEO, Coalition for Clean Air

“The proposed budget from Mayor Bass includes important investments in zero-emission cars, trucks, buses, and equipment owned and operated by the City of Los Angeles. I’m also glad to see that the Mayor is funding the public and fleet charging infrastructure that those zero-emission vehicles need.” 

Eli Lipmen, Executive Director, Move LA 

“The Mayor has proposed a budget that makes measurable investments in bus shelters, safer streets with the implementation of HLA, and cleaner transportation from electric buses for one of the city’s best kept secrets—Commuter Express—to electric street sweepers to vehicle charging which accelerates the transition to zero-emission vehicles by creating the confidence that a charger will be available. We also join our coalition of supporters for ULA in supporting this year’s budget which expands voter-approved ULA funding collected to build more affordable housing and keep people housed. This is how we make our city more affordable, livable, clean, and safe.”

Miguel Miguel, Policy Director, Pacoima Beautiful

“As the City moves into an electrified future by 2035, the money allocated to Los Angeles Department of Transportation helps serve a vital role by assuring our transit dependent community members that are mostly from climate burdened neighborhoods are not left in a fossil-based future. Most of these riders must abide by high emissions in their communities, be it from multiple sectors and with this money we can change at least one of them. We must no longer have these members face the brunt of over pollution as they travel to provide for their family while sacrificing their health to do so.” 

Bruce Reznik, Executive Director, LA Waterkeeper

“We’re appreciative that even in the face of the budget shortfalls, the City is making critical investments to water infrastructure and staffing to ensure we continue on our path to local water security.”

Mark Gold, Director of Water Scarcity Solutions, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

“In light of the city's current budget crisis, it is good that Mayor Bass' budget largely maintains funding and staff levels for critical water supply and quality programs and projects.”

Lauren Ahkiam, Climate Campaign Co-Director, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) 

"In partnership with our labor and environmental partners, LAANE is working toward a union-built clean energy and local water future that invests in frontline communities. We're excited to see Mayor Bass' commitment to transportation electrification and equity in today's budget. It's crucial that municipal fleets and public transportation electrify as quickly as possible, both to reduce air quality impacts in dense urban communities and to make progress towards our climate goals. The proposed public charging infrastructure will also help increase EV accessibility for renters across L.A. With high road standards, transportation electrification can also create family-sustaining union careers in electrical, manufacturing, and other sectors."