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What They’re Saying: Los Angeles Civic and Community Leaders Applaud Mayor Bass’ Fiscal Year 2024-2025 City Budget and Efforts

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LOS ANGELES –  Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass released her proposed budget this week to continue her work to move Los Angeles forward. The budget lays out investments to continue urgently housing Angelenos and work to make Los Angeles safer and more livable for all. This year's process has uncovered a clear need for a reset of the City’s budgeting process – one that is honest, transparent and squarely focused on serving Angelenos. Watch Monday’s press conference here and read the budget summary here.  

Los Angeles civic and community leaders acknowledged and applauded Mayor Bass following the release of her proposed FY 24 - 25 budget: 

Wendy Greuel, Former Controller, City of Los Angeles 

"Mayor Bass' budget shows a bold and new way forward by maintaining her urgency to fill critical positions and prioritizing the city family, while eliminating empty desks, many of which have been on the books for years. This proposed budget makes it clear that Mayor Bass is unwavering in her commitment to house people urgently and create a safer and more livable Los Angeles for everyone." 

Bishop Craig A. Worsham, Founder and Senior Pastor, Agape Church of Los Angeles

“Mayor Bass is leading our City in a very holistic and integral way. I commend her for the courageous leadership she is exhibiting in her quest to house the unhoused, keeping all Angelenos safe and creating sustainable community empowerment. Thank you Mayor Bass and team for your continued transparency and fostering a culture of community collaborations. She's committed to fostering a sense of unity that makes LA feel like a cohesive family, and her budget is a true reflection of this.”

Lana McLeod, Founder and CEO, Networking Options for Women (N.O.W)

“Budgets are always reflections of our priorities, and Mayor Karen Bass’ proposed budget is a clear blueprint for how we can move Los Angeles forward and build communities that work for all of us. This budget proposal invests in addressing the homelessness crisis, providing mental health and addiction services for those in need, and creating safe and clean public spaces for all to enjoy, reflecting the community values of Angelenos. I commend Mayor Bass for her tireless commitment and effective leadership style.”

Reverend Robert R. Shaw II, Senior Pastor, First African Methodist Episcopal Church 

“Mayor Karen Bass laid out a budget proposal that builds on her continued progress for Angelenos. Mayor Bass is a champion for the cause of righteousness, compassion, and constructive change for the collective welfare of all. We firmly stand by her, lending our unwavering support to her commitment to the care and concern for every citizen of Los Angeles.”

Pastor Rene Molina, Senior Pastor, Restauración Church Los Angeles

“Mayor Bass doesn’t focus on the show. She cares about results and how it impacts regular people. She is like most Angelenos: hard-working and humble.”

James An, President, Korean American Federation of Los Angeles

"Mayor Karen Bass is disrupting the status quo with a bold budget that seeks to redefine Los Angeles at a time of great uncertainty. Today's budget represents the priorities of our City as we continue to provide housing, strengthen public safety, and foster economic growth."

Dr. Ryan J. Smith, President and CEO, St. Joseph Center

"Following the momentum from Mayor Karen Bass' strong State of the City address last week, she once again has laid out a vision from Angelenos that we can all get behind. Mayor Bass' budget will continue the urgent work she and her administration began last year to bring the unhoused inside with supportive services, make Los Angeles safer and deliver critical servicing for Angelenos. I commend Mayor Bass for proposing a fiscally responsible budget to strengthen our economy and respond to real issues facing Angelenos."

Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, President, NAACP San Pedro, Wilmington, and Palos Verdes

“We support the Mayor’s sense of urgency and emergency in continuing to correct the homelessness crisis. Our partnership with the Mayor has shown that she understands that shelter, mental health, and resources provide a good quality of life and is a human right!”

Lupe Rivera, CEO, Toberman Neighborhood Center

“We at Toberman Neighborhood Center support Mayor Karen Bass’s visionary FY 2024-2025 budget for the City of Los Angeles. The budget provides a clear and compelling roadmap for a more prosperous, equitable, and resilient city, aligning closely with the needs of our city, empowering communities, and uplifting the most vulnerable populations. We believe that the Mayor’s focused investments in critical areas such as public safety, homelessness prevention, and community services are not just necessary but transformative. As an organization that has been at the forefront of family support through our FamilySource Center, violence prevention and intervention through our GRYD program, and youth development, we understand the pivotal role that sustained municipal support plays in enhancing these efforts. The Mayor’s budget, with its robust funding for essential services, demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the holistic well-being of every Angeleno.”

Archie Hoggan, Executive Director, The Beacon House Association of San Pedro

"The Beacon House Association of San Pedro (The Beacon House) is on the frontline of the homelessness crisis and opioid epidemic facing the great city of Los Angeles and the state of California. Every day, we witness the immeasurable suffering felt by individuals, families, and communities. The Beacon House supports Mayor Bass in her ongoing efforts to assist and empower organizations on the frontlines of this vital fight. With Mayor Bass’s support, The Beacon House will continue to provide free, long-term treatment to people who need it most – those suffering under the unbearable weight of addiction and homelessness. Mayor Bass’s budget is socially responsible in that it addresses L.A.’s most vulnerable communities, while promoting growth.”