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What They’re Saying: Environmental and Sustainability Leaders Weigh In After City Secures Federal Funding to Increase Composting Practices, Reduce Food Waste and Continue Building A Greener Future

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LOS ANGELES – The environmental and sustainability leaders applauded the city for securing federal funding to build a greener Los Angeles. Here’s what they’re saying: 

Jennifer Grissom, Executive Director of Food Access LA: 

“As the operators of eight Farmers' Markets across Los Angeles, we see firsthand the impact community events like ours can have on the environment. We applaud the Mayor's commitment to food waste reduction and composting in a city as large as Los Angeles. Every step we can take to work together in reducing waste and increasing composting education is a step in the right direction.”

Michael Martinez, Founder and Executive Director of LA Compost:

“L.A. Compost appreciates the continued efforts from Mayor Bass and LA Sanitation & Environment as they look to provide unique composting solutions to residents across the City of Los Angeles. Funding from USDA will allow the City of Los Angeles to support more farmer's market food scrap drop-off locations, support local compost processing at parks, increase food distribution, and improve soil health education. We thank Mayor Bass and LASAN for their continued leadership within the realm of organics diversion, localized compost creation, and emphasizing the important connection between soil and human health.”

Jen Toy, Director of Test Plot & Adjunct Assistant Professor of MLA+U Landscape Justice Initiative, USC:

“Composting is a beautiful and regenerative practice and I’m thrilled that LA is making this a priority. Composting is something that every Angeleno can learn how to do to improve their own lives and the health of the planet. I hope that in time kids everywhere will think that compost centers in their neighborhoods are just a normal part of everyday life.”

Nick Lapis, Director of Advocacy of Californians Against Waste:

“Decentralized, community-focused projects like this can be a deceptively big part of the solution to keeping food waste out of landfills, where it rots and releases powerful greenhouse gases. It's great to see California's biggest city invest in programs to tackle California's biggest threat: climate change.”

Wendy Butts, Chief Executive Officer of LA Conservation Corps:

“The LA Conservation Corps looks forward to continuing to partner with the City in its edible food recovery and composting practices.  As an important member of the City's Healthy Soils initiative and a leader in the Putting Healthy Soils to Work collaborative (along with LA Sanitation & Environment, Rec & Parks, LA Compost & Kiss the Ground), the Corps is committed to training our Corpsmembers and educating Angelenos about the importance of rescuing food and diverting it to the food insecure, converting what's not edible to compost and using those healthy soils on our projects throughout the City.”

Alba M. Velasquez, Executive Director of LA Food Policy Council:

“The Los Angeles Food Policy Council commends the City of Los Angeles for securing a $400,000 USDA grant to expand composting and reduce food waste in Los Angeles. This initiative marks a significant advancement in sustainability, aligning with our mission to improve our food system. The establishment of 26 composting sites across farmers' markets and parks is a promising step toward environmental health and community engagement. We are thrilled to support this project and look forward to its positive impact on our communities.”

Lisa Hart, Executive Director of Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance:

“This is a fantastic way to engage residents in addressing the climate crisis within our own households, helping us to connect the dots between our own habits and the larger impacts on the planet. We congratulate the Mayor's Office and LASAN look forward to further supporting their efforts.”