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Mayor Karen Bass releases city-owned land report back

LOS ANGELES – Mayor Karen Bass today released a letter detailing the interdepartmental work completed to identify public lands suitable for interim and permanent housing development. The report back also lays out next steps and timelines for creating a new paradigm for scaling up development of City lands to solve the homelessness and affordable housing crisis. This comes after the Mayor signed Executive Directive 3 to maximize the use of City-owned property for temporary and permanent housing as she moves Los Angeles forward with an urgent and strategic approach to addressing the homelessness crisis.

“Part of urgently addressing this crisis is identifying land to build housing in ways we haven’t before, which will bring the overall cost of housing Angelenos down and it also allows us to act quicker. Today’s report shows groundbreaking progress in our effort and I look forward to continuing collaboration with all levels of government as we work to bring our unhoused neighbors inside.”

Read the letter here.