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SOTC 2023

Mayor Karen Bass to deliver first State of the City Address on Monday evening

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Karen Bass will deliver her first State of the City address on Monday, April 17th from City Hall, in the Chambers of the Los Angeles City Council. The event will begin at 5:30 p.m. Mayor Bass will speak to how her Administration has made urgent progress during her first 100+ days as Mayor and will discuss her plans for the next year to make Los Angeles stronger, healthier, happier and safer.

Space is very limited:

Reporters may seek to attend by contacting

An audio mult will be available for reporters in Council Chambers.

Limited space is available in Council Chambers for still photographers. RSVP is required.

Due to space limitations, video camera coverage will be pooled by Channel 35. Pool Feed is available via The Switch -- LA Pool-1, Switch Ref # 1245437. 

Live truck parking will be on Spring Street, and cameras can connect to the pool feed via video mult outside of City Hall on the Spring Street Forecourt.