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Mayor Karen Bass Announces Latest Inside Safe Operation in Koreatown, Brings More than 30 Inside

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LOS ANGELES  – Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass today announced the latest Inside Safe operation in Koreatown. The operation addressed a longstanding encampment in Robert F. Kennedy Inspiration Park next to Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools. Through this effort, more than 30 Angelenos were moved off the streets and brought inside.

“Today we brought people who were living in tents in a park next to a school into safe housing with services,” said Mayor Karen Bass. “We continue to dispel the myth that people do not want to come inside. This is saving lives and helping restore neighborhood spaces for their intended uses. We will continue to operate with urgency and help bring unhoused Angelenos inside.”
This citywide, voluntary approach leads with housing and services and is one feature in a comprehensive strategy to confront the homelessness crisis. Click here to read more about Inside Safe.

“We are proud to have housed over 30 people near RFK Inspiration Park and RFK Community Schools.” said Councilwoman Heather Hutt. “Our office is committed to using every resource we have to assist our unhoused neighbors in finding a safe place to call home. A special thank you to every City employee and partner who worked to ensure this Inside Safe Operation moved smoothly and efficiently.”

During Mayor Bass's first year, tent encampments have come down in every council district and thousands more Angelenos came inside than the previous year thanks to urgent action locking arms with the City Council. Los Angeles is also building more housing rapidly to confront this crisis. Since December 2022, more than 21,000 Angelenos have come inside and more than 13,000 units of affordable housing are now being accelerated as a result of her executive directive to streamline their development.