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Mayor Bass’ Staff Join Call Encouraging Angelenos to Take Metro to Alleviate Traffic Congestion and Highlight L.A.’s Transit System

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LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass continues to urge Angelenos to take Metro over the weekend to avoid traffic caused by the I-10 freeway closure. Staff in the Mayor’s Office are posting their rides on social media and encouraging Angelenos to use Metro as well.

Mayor Bass is leveraging the nation’s second largest public transportation system to help continue to alleviate the freeway closure’s impacts on commuters and communities. Angelenos are heeding the Mayor’s call, as Metro has reported that ridership on the E Line is up 10% which runs parallel to the freeway.

Mayor Bass and California Governor Gavin Newsom yesterday announced that all lanes of the I-10 freeway are now expected to reopen on Tuesday, just before Thanksgiving. This announcement follows Mayor Bass’ urgent, continuous efforts to expedite the repair and alleviate the traffic impacts of the closure on communities and commuters. Mayor Bass assured Angelenos that City departments will continue to respond with urgency to the impacts of the traffic closure during the ongoing construction. 

The Mayor’s Office announced earlier today the following additional actions to alleviate traffic impacts on commuters and communities as they continue to navigate the impacts of the 10 freeway shutdown and forecasted rain into the weekend:

  • White-glove traffic officers will be deployed over the weekend before and after special events, including:
    • Los Angeles Clippers at Arena tonight
    • USC vs. UCLA at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum on Saturday
    • Los Angeles Rams at So-Fi Stadium on Sunday
    • Los Angeles Lakers at the Arena on Sunday
    • Los Angeles Kings at the Arena on Saturday
    • the L.A. Auto Show at the L.A. Convention Center
  • Yesterday, at the direction of Mayor Bass, the City began addressing a major bottleneck on the Alameda corridor by creating an additional turn lane in each direction to improve traffic flow. 
  • City departments will continue to respond urgently and ensure that when the freeway opens, it will be safe.