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Mayor Bass and City Leaders Provide an Update on the Storm, Urge Angelenos to Stay Safe and Informed

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LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and City leaders today provided an update on the storm and continued to urge Angelenos to stay safe and stay informed. Watch the press conference here.

Mayor Bass’ remarks as delivered:

“Good morning everyone. First, I want to begin by thanking our first responders who since yesterday afternoon, have been actively responding to this historic storm. 

Yesterday marked the tenth wettest day in the history of this city since recording rain amounts in 1877… Tenth wettest day in the history of the city.

With unprecedented rain, came unprecedented preparation – and now, comes unprecedented response. 

All through the night, firefighters, police officers, street repair crews, traffic engineers, parks and rec staff and the entire city family have worked to address this storm.  

To help facilitate this response, this morning I have signed a declaration of a local emergency, which will help our response and ensure that the city has the required resources to respond to the storm now, but also in the recovery period. 

Our message to Angelenos is vital now more than ever:

Stay safe and off the roads. Only leave your house if it is absolutely necessary.

Stay informed - register for NotifyLA at to sign up for alerts and get more information. We have had to evacuate certain neighborhoods which, I know may cause stress to other Angelenos wondering if their neighborhood will be next. Know this – if we need to issue an evacuation warning, Angelenos will be notified through NotifyLA. If there is an evacuation order, LAPD will perform door-to-door evacuation notifications if needed. We ask Angelenos to please follow evacuation notifications. We ask Angelenos to please follow guidance and to keep your devices charged, and have your emergency supplies and medications on hand. 

I do have to say that we have had to rescue individuals in certain neighborhoods because they did not follow the evacuation orders. We ask that when notified that you need to evacuate, please do that so you do not end up needing to be rescued. 

Our Emergency Operations Center is designed for earthquakes, fires and storms like this, this is where we are right now. So, the City of Los Angeles is activated with our county partners and ready to go. This is all part of our continued, proactive response to the storm’s potential impacts.

Just like our preparations for Tropical Storm Hilary paid off in August because Angelenos listened, I am confident we will weather this storm, too, because once again the city and the county are prepared. We are sharing information, and I’ve been seeing Angelenos take action to make common sense preparations

Please keep 911 lines open for life threatening emergencies, including fallen powerlines. 

We have extended 311 hours for this storm for flooded roads, fallen branches, flooded gutters and more. 

For power outages or water main breaks, call DWP at 1800-DIAL-DWP. 

For the last week, my office along with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, we have been doing intensified outreach to people experiencing homelessness along the L.A. River and in high flood risk areas.

If you have friends or relatives who are unhoused, please direct them to call 2-1-1 and seek a shelter nearby. We do have shelter beds available. 

I’m going to make sure every City department does its part – and I’m going to make sure we are providing the people of Los Angeles with all the information they need. Now in turn, we need every Angeleno to use common sense, to stay safe, and stay out of the way of any falling trees, falling wires, flooded roads and other hazards – let’s also keep the roads clear for our emergency crews.

We will continue to provide updates as circumstances warrant. Now, let me introduce our Fire Chief Kristin Crowley, for an update.”