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Mayor Bass and City Leaders Provide an Evening Update on the Storm, Urge Angelenos to Stay Safe and Informed

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LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and City leaders tonight provided an evening update on the storm and continued to urge Angelenos to stay safe and stay informed.

Mayor Bass’ remarks as delivered:

“Good afternoon. This has been a tough day for our city, a tough day for Angelenos. I have spent time with our Fire Chief going around town looking at some of what is really devastation for many homeowners and residents who have had to suffer from mudslides related to the storm. 

So, let me again thank our first responders who since yesterday afternoon have been actively responding to this historic storm – and our Chief and the firefighters who again showed me, the Fire Chief showed me a video of our Fire Department hoisting someone out of a raging L.A. River via a helicopter. It was a young man who went to save his dog who wound up caught up in the river and had to be rescued.

Again to Angelenos, we need Angelenos to be cautious, to be careful, to be safe and please stay home.

We went, after going to Studio City and Encino where we met with Councilwoman Raman and visited her residents and saw the devastation. We saw homes that were red tagged, yellow tagged. Homes where residents had to evacuate and homes that unfortunately have suffered incredible damage.

We then went to Baldwin Hills. We met with Council President Pro Tem Harris-Dawson, Councilwoman Hutt to talk to Angelenos there. These were my neighbors because it was the neighborhood that I have lived in for a number of years and we saw one home where the mud essentially went through the individual's bedroom and the house was red tagged.  

So this is personal for all of us – this has impacted Angelenos across the city. As I mentioned, hearing the news of significant flooding that forced  more than 100 unhoused Angelenos to evacuate from a tiny home complex. We are evacuating them right now and we are housing them in a shelter nearby. The shelter that was not in use at the time but now, instantly will be filled.  

I know it’s hard but Angelenos, we will get through this. We anticipate the rain for a couple of more days but know that we are not standing alone in our city. I have been in regular communication with our Governor. Vice President Harris has reached out to us to let us know on the federal level and on the state level, they are there. They are with us. They are standing by and will be helpful with anything that we need.  

Angelenos must hear this warning through: This is not the end. Please remain safe and off the roads. Register for NotifyLA. The City again and all of the first responders will be working around the clock to serve and we will keep you informed as this storm continues.

We will continue to provide updates as circumstances warrant. Now, let me bring up our Fire Chief Kristin Crowley.”